How to Prepare a CV for a teaching position in China


Applying for a job in China is very different from other countries. You might be asked questions that are now illegal in the west, such as your age and demography details.

In order to process your VISA, schools need to know your age, your marital status and family dependents. So it’s better to clear all these issues at the application stage – it saves time for everyone.

Many preschools and kindergartens prefer female teachers so sometimes positions will state “women applicants only”. If you’re a guy, don’t take it personally and don’t waste your time trying to convince the school to employ you. Employment law is different in China, and you’re unlikely to be looked upon favorably if you start spouting western equal opportunity rights! Unfortunately for now, you’ll need to accept the situation and find a position that isn’t gender specific.

Basic Information

Limit your CV to not more than two pages and include your personal details and a summary of your qualifications and experience near the top. Personal details should include age, marital status, gender, nationality and number of dependents. Remember to include all your contact details – this should include a professional email address, Skype account and your address in your native country.

Professional Experience

Include details of all teaching experience. This might be as a traditional teacher or as an instructor or business trainer. It is all relevant. Any work with children or young adults would also be good to include. If you’ve lived overseas, make them aware – it helps if a school knows you’re used to change and have lived away from home.

Latest Photograph

They will want to see a photo, so attach a recent passport size color image to the top left corner of your CV. This should be a picture that shows you to be professional and in appropriate dress.

Covering Letter

Put together a good covering letter, detailing your expectations. Tell them why you are applying to their school, summarize your qualifications and experience in just a couple of sentences and portray yourself as confident and articulate. You are applying to teach English – make sure everything you send has been checked for grammar correctness and that it doesn’t include any spelling mistakes!

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