5 Myths about Indian Mathematics

Five myths about Indian mathematics we may heard but may not aware in detail. Which Indian mathematician invented algebra? The word “algebra” stems from the Arabic word “al-jabr”, from the name of the treatise Book on Addition and Subtraction after the Method of the Indians written by the 9th-century Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, […]

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How to Prepare a CV for a teaching position in China

Applying for a job in China is very different from other countries. You might be asked questions that are now illegal in the west, such as your age and demography details. In order to process your VISA, schools need to know your age, your marital status and family dependents. So it’s better to clear all […]

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5 Soft Skills for your interview success

The essential need of Soft Skills training will help you to unlock the success door during any interview. Our training experts at Ken Foundation say there are several soft skills are required in these circumstances. Some of them include: Organizational Skills Critical Thinking Skills Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Multi-Tasking Skills 1. ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS During an interview, employers […]

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